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Excursions in Marmaris and Turkey

Marmaris is a modern town, created with wide boulevards and a Riviera atmosphere, which is unique in the Aegean, a bridge between Europe and Asia. Join the western style an the eastern charm. Marmaris is also a shopping paradise. For those seeking for nightlife, there are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs. There are many possibilities for interest in Excursions, to explore the region.

1. Off road adventure - Jeep Safari

Hold onto your hats! The jeeps are off… The Jeep Safari is a real adventure, join for one day the Jeep convoy.  Drive through unspoiled forest or on dusty mountain roads and  discover Marmaris surrounding and nearby villages, breathtaking sceneries and cascading waterfalls.

2. Scuba Diving

Take the opportunity and discover the underwater world of the Aegean Sea. Beginners and experienced divers are welcome. You will be able to do your first dive ( 2 dives per day) or gain valuable experience towards CMAS/PADI Certification. Underwater photographs can be done if you wish. Non-diving family members or friends, are welcome to enjoin the cruise.

3. Daylan Caunos – Turtle beach

Join this fantastic cruise for a memorable day out to turtle beach,  a long sandy beach with shallow river flowing the cliffs. After arriving to this fantastic beach we'll cruise down the Daylan Delta. The rivers take you through a maze of high reeds, passing by the ancient, Lycian king tombs. Further by we arrive at the mud-bath and natural hot springs. (Believed to have mysterious youthful and healthful properties) After you can have a swim at the long golden sandy beach, which is a natural conservation area for sea turtles (the famous Caretta-Caretta turtles) and blue crabs. This 5 km long beach is boasting both, fresh and seawater. In the late afternoon, you sail back to Marmaris, taking the in the coastal sight at the sunset.

4. Rafting – 100% Adrealine

Another natures gifts of turkey are the rivers. They prvide perfect conditions for canoeing and rafting. Enjoy the nature – Feel the adventure and book an unforgettable day of adventure and fun challenging the rapids of the Dalaman Rivers spectacular canyons. 4-6 persons rafts each under the direction of an experienced river guide. You are approximately 4 hours on the river including breaks

5. Ephesus – visit the house of virgin Mary

Step back in the time to the ancient city Ephesus at this one day trip. A place where myth and legend meet. Walk down to the marble streets, follow the footsteps of Cleopatra and see the temples, library, great theater, gymnasium, Roman Bath and more…We also visit the house of Virgin Mary.

6. Pamukale

On this one day trip you have the chance to see the best known attraction in Turkey. Visit the unique Pamukale (Cotton Castle) and swim over the water bubbling all around you. A natural wonder, not to be missed in Pamukale! Visit the ancient theater and the city remains of Hierapolis

7. Ephesus & Pamukale

If you plan to visit both Ephesus and Pamukale, take a two days trip by staying overnight in a nice hotel. This excoursion will be full of unforgettable memories.

8. Fethiye

Fethiye is a picturesque costal Turkish town. A natural protected heaven, extraordinary beauty of Öldeniz (dead sea) derives from a narrow sand split of land that all but locks in the bay, leaving only the narrowest of outlets to the sea. The calm Crystal clear water of Blue Lagoon is ideal for swimming. Here you'll find one of the best beaches. We also visit the king rock tombs from 4 th century BC.

9. Rhodes

Rhodes is famous as the island of sun, sea and sand, the ideal place for vacations or a beautiful daytrip. Combine two countries in one holiday with a 1 hour cruise to Rhodes island. It is the third largest Greek island and officially, the sunniest place in the Europe. There are many interesting places to visit while in Rhodes island! Take your time exploring this shimmering island, the sandy beaches, all the villages and many historical sites on the island as well as its deep green forests, aromatic orange and lemon groves and pretty gazing meadows. 

For this trip let us know your passport number, name and date of birth one day before and travel the next day

10. Turkish Night

While you are in Turkey, what’s about a good night out in traditional Turkish style. Would you like to taste the entertainment of the times of the Turkish Sultan? Sample the traditional dishes (mezes) and nice drinks. Be entraced by the belly dancers andamased by the performance of the Turkish folklore groups with live traditional Turkish music. Everything is designed for your pleasure. Don’t miss this great evening.

11. Village Tour

Take the opportunity to see the real turkey. The journey takes you to the tiny rural villages in the countryside,  where you have the opportunity to meet , chat, sit back into the fascinating world of the traditional village. Turkey has a long history of  hand-woven Carpets, here you have the chance of  seeing a thousand years old tradition in real live. You will enjoy the unique experience. Also you have the opportunity to eat a traditional homemade meal in a typical village restaurant

12. Cleopatra Island

Sedir Island, better known as Cleopatra Island is a half an hour drive from Marmaris. Followed by a pleasant 15 minute boattrip. The Legend sais, that the special white sand was carried from Egypt  to the Island as a token of Antony’s love for Cleopatra. Geologists have found the Sand to be planton, each grain is a perfect sphere. There for the beach is protected by the government to assure no sand is moved from here. Don’t miss this trip.

13. Lazy day cruise

Enjoy a lazy day out of the shore. See different beaches and bays, see the stunning turquoise coastline. Jump into the Cristal clear water to have a swim, or just lay back, relax and enjoy the day.

14. BBQ by boat

Same like 13 (some different beaches) only with a stop for a mouthwatering BBQ. Don’t miss this opportunity. 

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