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Icmeler, holiday resort close to Marmaris

In the vicinity of Marmaris there is another holiday destination that is developing called İcmeler (place of drinking water). This is ideal for those who want to enjoy the entertainment facilities of Marmaris but want to have a quite time during the day and be able to sleep soundly at night. Despite having numerous hotels the regulations that have been enacted mean that İcmeler is very green, full of flowers, has good and clear walking trails and its beach is always very clean.

The park inside the hamlet is almost like a botanic garden. The area behind the park, which is called Sanat Sokagı (Art Street), has a wide range of displays of the local traditional handcrafts and paintings from Marmaris-based artists.

The stream that divides the hamlet through its centre has been organized to add atmosphere to the beautiful hamlet. It is a colorful and lively part of İcmeler, with the two banks of the stream filled with stalls where souvenirs, gifts and handcrafts are sold.

İcmeler presents you with rich options for eating, drinking and entertainment. But for those who want even more Marmaris is just a few steps away. There are very frequent and regular transport links between Marmaris and İcmeler.

In the past, İcmeler used have healing springs but today do not look for them, your hunt will be in vain. Instead, you will have to make do with bottled water to kill your thirst. İcmeler is also ideal for swimming and water sports. The aqua park right behind the main park in the centre is ideal for families with children. Despite lots of construction and growing numbers the hamlet’s waters and beach have remained clean. However, if you want an even cleaner sea and smaller crowds you should take a boat trip to the coves in the area.

In İcmeler modern and traditional architecture come together. The Köyici region behind the beach area and the canyon region a bit further from Köyici and that is within walking distance have facilities to the taste those that are into nature and old village life.

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