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One look at the yachts in the harbor will tell you that Marmaris is a stylish and cosmopolitan resort. The coastline here, where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, is perfect cruising country, dark blue seas giving way to shallow turquoise waters on hideaway beaches, while the mountains march inland.


The City is situated in the southeast of turkey, nestled in the south of the Gokova Golf on the Resadiye Peninsula. The town is surrounded by sea on two sides. Marmaris shares borders with Datca in the west (opposite to Simi Island), Koycegiz in the east and Ula in the Northwest. Together with the villages, it has population of 25000. However, this number increases four times in the season between April and October.

There are forests in the north and mountains with a maximum height of 1000 meter in the South of the region. The highest ranges of these mountains are Belan (1000m.) Malamut (890m.) and Mirzaettin (704m.). Typical Mediterranean plants such as pine forests, liquidambar trees, heath, and brushwood surround the area. The unspoiled nature makes it perfect for hiking and biking.

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