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Shopping in Marmaris and Icmeler

Shopping enthusiasts will love Marmaris only for its hundreds of shops. There are many good buys in Marmaris boutiques, colourful bazaars and markets. A wide variety of items from throughout Turkey can be purchased here to take home as a souvenir. Marmaris is very cosmopolitan. The Town can compete with many European cities in stock of designer label goods (original and fakes). The market of Marmaris is highly developed. It would be difficult to find a town in Europe, the size of Marmaris with such a large number of shops, clustering along the streets. You can find excellent leather and suede goods, copper and brassware, jewellery, and objects carved of onyx. Turkish carpets, textiles and embroidery make good handcrafted souvenirs, and the locally produced pine scented honey called "cam bali" is superb. The variety of goods and services is truly inexhaustible and will attract even the most demanding buyer.

Strolling through the famous bazaar haggling for souvenirs is a great fun, there you will find Copies of all kinds of clothes, shoes, handbags, you dream of. On each corner and shop, they offer you coffee or tea, a very charming and friendly bunch, and well known for their hospitality. Shopping in Turkey in general is very good value for money, especially with the exchange rate so favourable.

Just a stone throw from the hard of Marmaris there is the Nestle Marina shopping centre. Shops with the famous original label are waiting for you.

In Marmaris, there are plenty of jewellery shops. Jewellery always seems to be a hot item for tourists visiting Turkey. Marmaris has great gold and silver jewellery and the standard of workmanship is extremely high. Prices are much cheaper than back home. The goldsmiths of Turkey have at least 3000 years of manufacturing unique and skilful handicraft gold jewellery. If you look around its nearly impossible not to find a piece you would like to own. In the town, you will find representatives of most of the well-known watchmakers. 

The Bazaar in Marmaris Vogue Jewellery in Marmaris Paradise carpet in Marmaris

Turkey produces an impressive range of leather clothes, shoes and bags, as well as furs. The market here is extremely rich when it comes to clothes, top leather goods and furs. In numerous shops, you can order the items of your choice, made of your favourite leather or fur, in fancy designs. Do check out the fur and leather shops also for ready-made clothes the dozens of fancy shops and boutiques insure that all your wishes and dreams will be satisfied.

In the Bazaar and the Old Town are hosted to all kind of shops with tourist items. In tourist shops, you will find a full range of souvenirs, accessories and gifts for all occasions. Strolling around to find the best deal - you should not miss it.

Turkey is famous for its carpets. The Turkish way of life, there culture and their religion can be represented thought the artistry of the carpets. The tradition of Turkish carpets is older than the Islam. The earliest surviving carpet has been dated at about 350 BC. The prices of this hand-woven carpets vary from 100 Euro to as much you can effort to pay. The only advice we can give you, in the moment you see your carpet, your heart will let you know.

There two big Super Markets in the center of Marmaris, Tansas and Tesco. Thez are open 24 hours a day during the summer season.

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