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Turunc is located on the Eastern coast of the ancient “Loryma Peninsula” today called “Bozburun Peninsula”. For your information, the last letter of Turunc is pronounced "ch".  The village, which forms part a beautiful and charming bay is situated  on the Aegean coast. The bustling town of Marmaris is only a 40 minutes bus or boat ride away. In contrast to this overcrowded tourist town, the visitor can enjoy a quiet undisturbed stroll along the seaside, the main road or the inland side of our pretty village. He will be surprised at the variety of natural beauty that the panoramic view offers around the pine covered mountains, the secluded coastline with many small and pretty islands and the Aegean Sea glimmering with the early sunrays of dawn. The bay of Turunc is one of the most beautiful along the Aegean coast.


The “Loryma” peninsula has, in the past, hosted 13 historical settlements. Everywhere, among beautiful bays, green forests and mountain villages there are many traces of bygone civilizations. Among them, the most important, the ruins of the ancient city of “Amos”. Like other villages in the area, Turunc has had settlements from Hellenistic to Byzantine times. 

The last settlers in the recent past were  the “Yrk” nomads, who came from the neighboring Taurus Mountains. Former occupations of this original self-sufficient population are still in use today - collecting carobs and herbs from the hills, such as oregano, thyme, bay leaf and sage and  maintaining beehives. Natural pine honey is the favorite product of the peninsula. 

The ancient vineyards of the Loryma Peninsula are now used for the cultivation of olive trees. Olive oil and pickled olives are the most important products of the  Aegean region.

Today Turunc is a small holiday centre, with an excellent beach, good shopping facilities, small bars and restaurants. Turunc is now a well established preferred destination for Turkish and foreign holiday makers interested in long term and short term stays.

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