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Eleven kilometers along the Marmaris-Mugla road there is the turn for Karacasögüt, with the road passing through the pine forest, bringing you to the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Gökova. The ports of Karaca and Sögüt are important stopping points for the boats on the Blue Cruise. There are still traces of the big fire of some years back which swept a large area to destruction.

In order to get to the Sögüt Selalesi (Waterfall) and to the Karacain Magarası (Cave) you take the turn to the right two or three kilometers after you come to Okluk Cove from Karacasögüt. Since there are no signposts on the road ask villagers for directions. The waterfall cascades down from a height of 25 meters and beneath it there is a natural pool.

The cave has two sections, one known as the Somalıkaya Düdeni (chasm), and the other being the Sucıktı Cave. One of the main entrance points to the Somalıkaya Chasm is from here. To enter into the cave you need to have an inflated boat with you as you can only go through the galleries by water. These sections of the cave has a length of 421 meters and a depth of 15.5 meters. An area of 342 meters in the cave is accessible and has two lakes in it. Amateur travelers should have a guide with them if there are to visit the cave. They should not go more than ten meters from the guide at all times.

The Sucıktı Cave is one kilometer to the west of the Samlıkaya Chasm and is one kilometer long. Part of this cave has been mapped out by cave explorers, though the rest is uncharted. The area of the cave and waterfall has been put under a nature protection order. Work is continuing to open up the cave to tourism.

Two kilometers to the south east of the village of Sögüt, on the top of the Altınsivrisi Hill, there is the ancient city of Euthena. Those who dare make the climb up to the ancient city, which is 700 meters above sea level, should first go to the village of Karaca in the Ovacık district, and take the narrow and steep path up. Those who are not familiar with the area should ask the villagers for directions as to the right path. As you get closer to the hilltop you will see the city necropolis and, going a bit higher, you get to see the ruins of the ancient city walls, cisterns and rock tombs. On the hilltops, apart from the remains of an ancient temple, you will also the cottage of the forest watch official. If you are lucky you might get a tea for your tiresome climb here. It is believed that Euthena was an ancient city that was associated with Rhodes in antiquity.

There is another ancient city near to the village of Sögüt, this being Amnistos, which is on the point nearby. The ruins that survive are parts of the city walls and the walls of the port.

The most pleasant part of the Marmaris-Datca road, which is narrow and winding, is that which gets to the highest point and from where you can see the scenic view of the Hisarönü on one side and on the other the Gulf of Gökova. Shortly you will go downhill and get to coves that compete with each other in beauty.

Turning left off the Datca road after 22 kilometers onto the Bozburun road, and after driving one kilometer more, you will get to the village of Hisarönü, which lies on the edge of the gulf that it is named after. The village is a bit off the main road. Hisarönü has shallow waters and red colored sand and is an option for those who want a quite and calm holiday away from the Marmaris crowds.

It is known that the air of Hisarönü, which is non-humid and always has a breeze, and its clean waters are good for those suffering from asthma and heart diseases.

Between the village and the gulf on the flat region called Pazarlık (or Gavur) on Eren Mountain there are the ruins of a small temple. The ruins are those of the Temple of Hemithea. Diodoros, an ancient historian from Sicily, said that the Molpadia (singer) was brought to the region by the God Apollon. The woman singer was worshiped as a demi-deity (Hemithea) and a temple erected to her. He said that the fame of the temple lasted for a long time.

The small city of Kastabos was linked to the ancient city of Baybassos. The ruins of Baybassos are one or two kilometres to the north of the temple on the hill between the Marmaris-Bozburun road and the sea. The Middle Ages castle is in good condition.

From Hisarönü there are organized boat tours to the region. The boats stop at Inbükü Cove (aka Emel Sayın Cove after a famous Turkish singer), Kartal Cove, Tavsan Island and Bencik Cove. More information at

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